Use the eye of the classroom light must comprehensively consider the characteristics of human visual effect

by:Mylight     2020-11-26
Classroom is an important place for students to use eye, ensure the quality of the classroom, on the premise of meet the requirements of the teaching activities of visual, choose effective and appropriate LED eye classroom light color temperature, and reduce the energy consumption system, is the scientific use eye and to achieve the effect of energy saving. So what to consider when selecting LED the classroom of the lamp that shield an eye? Now as to find out together! Once research institutions, to investigate the students' visual preference. According to the research results show that the students' preference for color temperature is not static, but changes over classroom function, illuminance level. The stand or fall of evaluation of the classroom light, besides considering the students' subjective consciousness, must also consider the student for a long time in the specific spectrum environment, a lot of stimulation caused by fatigue cumulative influence on student's physical health. In terms of visual efficacy test conclusion is mainly embodied in the following three aspects: one, should avoid to the classroom and blackboard commonly use the same color temperature of light source; Two, whatever the material of lamps and lanterns, appropriate USES k - 3300 5500 k light source recognition rate curve of good stability, high recognition rate, its visual effect performance is good; Three, at present our country many classroom commonly used lamps and lanterns is 6500 k old lamp, its visual effect performance is poor; May cause the student vision suddenly reduce work efficiency. With the improvement of teaching environment, the development of technology, lighting standards have been low requirements of classroom, further take into account the index of eyesight protection, energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the primary and secondary school classroom led lighting and health standards, health classroom design should meet the following requirements: 1, all the classroom should be installed; 2, the classroom on the desktop to maintain average illuminance value should not be less than 300 lx, intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 7. 2, the classroom blackboard should establish local lamp, for its average illuminance should not be less than 500 lx, intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 8; 3, the appropriate USES of k - 3300 5500 k color temperature of light source, light source color rendering index should not be less than 80; 4, the classroom unified glare values should not be greater than 19; 5, in maintaining the average illuminance value 300 lx, under the condition of current education power density value should not be greater than 11 w / ㎡, the target should be 9 w / ㎡; 6, design and calculation of illuminance, its maintenance coefficient should be zero. 8. 7, in order to reduce the direct glare caused light source, the classroom is unfavorable use naked light. Low hanging lamps and lanterns is apart from the desk surface height should not be less than 1. 7m。 That is to 'use the eye of the classroom light must consider the characteristics of human visual effect' in detail, hope to help you!
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