The underground garage lighting using radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp of the effect is good

by:Mylight     2021-01-09
Underground garage environment always turn on the LED lamp, LED bulbs on the market a wide range of energy saving slogans, all kinds of all have, so what kind of is really energy saving province electricity long life of the underground garage lamp? Specific will learn about the together with now! In underground garage using leds, in addition to our naked eye can see, lamp holder and lamp shell accessories, etc. Very few people know about the structure of the internal. Its internal structure is usually: light source, circuit boards, power, lamp beads, etc. , is commonly used for LED lamp bead patch lamp bead, there are two by shape, respectively is small power plug and power strips, generally for the side led lighting. High-power integrated chip type illuminant assumes the circular, photosynthetic efficiency, lumen according to specific types of lamp bead. The use of different products lamp bead is different also, like outdoor LED project-light lamp, mining lamp USES integrated chip, such as brightness contrast difference is very big. Used in the underground garage of the LED lamp as a layer of the veil, a lot of low-priced sale items let us know how to choose. Here small make up to you to do simple analysis: 1, the actual power are important factors affect the price of a big manufacturer replenish onr's stock way to LED light source, lamp bead actually may not be the actual tagging foot watts. This price is above clearly, shortage of general price is low, want to buy a good light source must not pursue cheap. 2, different prices also different brightness, brightness is mainly determined by the chip and lamp bead, using imported highlighting chips still need to buy lamps and lanterns of normal brand manufacturer. 3, normal LED lamp shell material of colloid USES is epoxy resin, some product lamp holder for the flame retardant material price will not low. Underground garage using LED lamp is the main purpose of energy saving, general 16 w LED bulb is equivalent to it nearly three times the power of traditional light source, energy saving will reach more than 60%. The biggest advantage is in use process will not release toxic gases, this is everybody has been in the underground garage can use one of the main points. And production of the radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp, the product using the doppler effect principle, the transmission of electromagnetic wave by planar antenna, when there is moving object into the electromagnetic environment, the wave reflection back, planar antenna receives the feedback of the wave, the follow-up work circuit via detecting the trigger signal. To produce light/the shimmering double brightness effect, only 5 - comprehensive weighted power 6 w, than ordinary fluorescent lamp energy saving effect of 85% or more, greatly extended service life, and the human body heat release electric induction compared with acoustic induction, induction distance is farther, Angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and wood veneers, is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc, in the case of 37 degrees, not shorten the induction distance. Reflect speed, good concealment, radar induction lamps and lanterns of LED fluorescent lamp is the best of the underground garage. Above is the LED manufacturers in underground garage using radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp where the effect is good, in detail, hope to help you!
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