The retrofit scheme of underground garage illumination and the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2021-01-08
LED bulb radar as an underground garage in new ways, saving energy also affects the people all the time. In view of the underground garage retrofit scheme has become a focus on the market demand. Leds also with the advantages of many influences people's choice! Below is for a real estate area of the underground garage. The original after daylight lamp replacement for induction LED lamp, its full light when power is 15 w, careless when power is only about 3 w, the size of 1. 2 meters. When someone car bulbs into the 15 w power consumption state of full bright, its brightness is brighter than traditional 40 w fluorescent tube brightness, meet people on demand. About 3 w a dormant state, meet the basic needs, such as monitoring so as to achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption. Introducing induction LED tubes underground parking lot available more than 85% of the electricity saving rate, energy saving effect is very obvious. Underground parking demand obvious tidal phenomenon, namely during peak and off-peak difference obvious, that is to say, even at low hours, less man car discrepancy, the original way is also a state of full bright, it will cause a lot of electrical energy waste. And induction LED lamp brightness can be adjusted according to automatic car situation, meet the requirements as needed. Compared with the ordinary T8 - 40 w bulb, 1000 induction LED bulbs save electricity bills a year: 174236 yuan, annual maintenance cost savings: $10000. ( See below details) Great gains, energy saving, inductive LED lamp application in underground parking can save a lot cost. Good quality low price is the so-called high performance-to-price ratio, is a lot of consumers' purchasing psychology, mainly in the purchase to see your use function, such as the underground garage radar induction lamp with LED drive power supply has a built-in and external power supply, built-in, size, performance, to the device is higher than the outer cooling needs, the price is high also, choose high power factor depends on whether it is through the CE certification, product certification is more cost effective price. The same products LED bulb price difference is very big, price difference is still depends on the specific application requirements, and then distinguish between choice. Where to buy the LED lamps and lanterns that first is to use, there are many power leds, according to the need to choose, the price difference lies mainly in the index and luminous flux and after-sales service. Underground garage LED induction lamp, color rendering index refers to the object's color, warm color light color rendering index is high in the industry, the highest 85, white light color rendering index is generally more than 70, depending on the use area size to choose, the luminous flux of LED lamps and lanterns is simple said the brightness values of lamps and lanterns, luminous flux of high quality is not necessarily good. LED light source as the growth of the time, the brightness will decline is known as droop, droop LED fluorescent lamp is present, the concrete measure is stable, directly affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. Underground garage LED bulb price difference directly affects the quality of the product, the same product performance is different, the market to buy don't blindly pursue cheap, to comprehensive measure.
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