The necessity of the hotel restaurant lighting design and the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2020-12-03
Hotel restaurant design is also a very cultured knowledge, design good effect can be solved very good restaurant in other places of some defects and the insufficiency, for customers to build good repast environment and comfortable atmosphere, increase appetite and home ownership! The lights of the hotel restaurant is the eye of the hotel soft outfit design, is the soft outfit eyeball, the lamp light emitted by soft outfit can make up for the restaurant in the lack of emotional colors, send out the most attractive, the most warm sunshine. For most of the restaurants, the choice of lamps and lanterns and brand advocacy had significant influence to the promotion of its performance. Although we can not only judge a book by its cover, but it can be judged by external decoration restaurant. Design to create the atmosphere of the feeling of the space, make people form the impression of the restaurant, the impression there are good and bad. Secondly in terms of function, the key point of design is to show the quality of the food and wine. Some restaurant use improper illuminant, which changes the look and feel of the food, especially changed the colour and lustre of wine. In bars and restaurants, according to different situations to create different atmosphere and the mood is very important. Bright environment can make people energetic and the darkness of the environment is relaxed, quiet, romantic, in the middle of the night the atmosphere more favour letting a person, especially when eating out in restaurant adornment, there are several kinds of commonly used lamps and lanterns, canister light is one of them. Tube light is a kind of small caliber, and embedded within the ceiling lamps and lanterns, its biggest characteristic is concise appearance, strong concealment, difficult to arouse people's attention. In the dining room, alone it can get very good overall, can also be along the wall of the tube light and position of fluorescent lamp in combination to the whole of the restaurant, at this time, not only can get the uniform as a whole, can also strengthen the adornment of metope. Canister light when the choose and buy, the first is the color temperature of light, the second is the color rendering, is the size of the canister light again. In the design of the restaurant, no matter the discretion of the intensity of illumination, appropriate chooses low color TPS source ( Restaurant adopts the mixed method, high color temperature can be general and low color temperature of local tie-in use) 。 Humans at night used to sit in the warm fire exchanges, to rest, where people will be in the low frequency breathing, relax and comfortable body mechanism. Restaurant is usually in order to create a comfortable and warm dining environment, in order to adapt to the habit, which is formed by the human for a long time we had better choose slant warm color light source. In this way, not only in the interior will form a warm and happy atmosphere, from the overflow of warm light transparent glass Windows with lively dining crowd elegantly moving images, can attract the pedestrians on the road to come to dinner. By contrast, use white and cold white light source in restaurant, how much impression give a person a kind of lonely and sad. Low color TPS source, of course, also is to have a choice, according to people's sense of the light source the light color, color temperature between 2500 ~ 4300 k light source is we can choose. In addition to light color temperature, its color is another important indicator of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy restaurant. In order to make the color of the food and beverage is clear, should choose the light source color rendering index higher. According to the architectural design standard, food service building indoor light source color rendering index Ra shall be not less than 80. In local near the table, therefore, how to choose the lamps and lanterns of high color rendering. High Ra value warm environment, food, Such as meat, food) Look more fresh and attractive than under the sunlight. LED downlight choose and use to the combination of a restaurant where the specific scene, combined with the theme of dining-room, color moderate intensity of illumination of choose and buy the right LED tube light, as a result of the canister light installation more troublesome, so when choosing the LED tube light, want to choose the manufacturer of quality and after-sale guarantee.
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