The LED lamp shade with what material?

by:Mylight     2021-02-05
LED lamps and lanterns, the style is multifarious, what all have, then LED the material of chimney is different also, LED lamps made of what material? What is the difference between the various materials and their respective advantages and disadvantages? Let the guangdong product benchmarking to share for you! Cloth art LED lamp shade that is common in our life is qualitative, referred to as 'cloth chimney or cloth cover, is made by cloth art class material, cover a pervious to light on light bulbs or half pervious to light cover. Mainly used in indoor lamps and lanterns, such as: table lamp, floor lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, absorb dome light, etc. Silk lampshades used in formal room or bedroom, linen, a parchment and textured chimney is suitable for use in the family room or small room, handmade or hand-painted chimney can increase intimacy and softness for the room. PC lampshade this LED lamp shade material is qualitative light, density is less than the glass, and not easy to be broken, select import PC material 5 - 10 years basic don't change color, color diversity, anti-aging, strong weatherability, Resistance to strong wind, ice and snow. Is a large square, the main road, central park, landscape lamp products of choice. This is by far the most popular LED lamp glass materials of chimney, because glass lamp shade have good pervious to light, high temperature gas free play, not yellow, weatherability, high light transmittance, can choose the internal and external coating, grinding, vacuum coating, grinding aluminum plating, electrostatic spraying, spraying color coloring process, etc. Suitable for indoor decoration, with lights. At present the high-end LED indoor lamps and lanterns have been using glass lamp shade. Kraft paper chimney feel this kind of material is very strange, why is the paper? Which USES the kraft paper laminating PVC film. Within the hob. By white paint, the size of the lamp shade to 8 * * 12 to 18 archaize floor kraft paper chimney, ancient model, color is very suitable for household adornment of primitive simplicity. LED lamps and lanterns of different material decided the usage scenario, what kind of use of the environment to use what kind of LED lamps is to have cultured, when consumer is buying the LED lamps and lanterns, according to his own use demand to choose suitable LED lamp shade!
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