The difference between the induction absorb dome light and human body induction absorb dome light led radar

by:Mylight     2021-01-26
With the improvement of people environmental protection and energy saving consciousness, people pay more and more attention to energy saving, LED induction radar absorb dome light to the human body induction absorb dome light arises at the historic moment, what is the difference between the two? Which is more save electricity better use? Now as to find out together! Induction, induction principle: the difference between a radar dome light induction principle: using the doppler effect principle, independent research and development planar antennas receiving circuit, electromagnetic environment around intelligent detection, automatically adjust the working status, triggered by a moving object job: when moving object into the range of induction, the light; When a moving object left after delay for 20 seconds, or lights dim lights are out, so as to achieve intelligent power-saving effect. Human body induction dome light induction principle: human pyroelectric infrared, the human body has a constant body temperature, generally in 37 degrees, so have a specific wavelength of about 10 um infrared, passive infrared sensor is the detection of human body infrared launch and work. Infrared ray through the thin mud, filter enhanced gathered on infrared induction. Infrared induction source usually USES the pyroelectric element, the element in receives the infrared radiation human body temperature changes will lose charge balance, to release charge, the follow-up circuit after detection treatment can trigger switch action. Second, the induction sensitivity difference: LED radar sensing absorb dome light: induction distance ( Up to 5 - 8 meters) , perspective is wide, no dead zone, can penetrate glass, and wood veneers, according to different power, can penetrate the different thickness of the wall, is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc, in the case of 37 degrees, not shorten the induction distance. Human body induction dome light: induction distance is short, Generally 3 m) , small Angle, affected by the environment, temperature, dust is bigger, in the case of 37 degrees, can shorten the induction distance. Three, appearance: the difference between a radar sensor LED dome light: the use of induction and drive power supply, convenient installation, simple and beautiful appearance. Human body induction absorb dome light: external infrared sensing head, affect vision, the lights will have a shadow, and inconvenient installation. That's LED manufacturer of leds radar is the difference between the induction absorb dome light and the human body induction absorb dome light? In detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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