The design of underground garage illumination and transform why use LED lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-08
The selection of the underground garage what lamps and lanterns is appropriate? Both can reach requirement, and can achieve the lowest cost, and energy saving, so find the lamps and lanterns of LED lamp is an ideal, why do you say that? LED lamp with its high photosynthetic efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, Do not contain mercury) , does not produce harmful light, such as ultraviolet light, long life and other characteristics, is widely applied in underground garage and other places. But because of the LED lamp products on the market, the good and bad are intermingled, choose a high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection long life of the product is not easy, if you buy a photosynthetic efficiency than energy-saving lamps, life than incandescent lamp LED lamp, that thed loss outweights the gain. Leds, besides must have the four elements of green and important, is a long life. Complete green connotation includes comfortable, safe, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, such as four indicators, indispensable. 1, long service life. LED low energy consumption, high efficiency makes the normal things in life is much longer than traditional lamps and lanterns, can use without enduring exchange, can be properly eliminated artificial maintenance capital. 2, comfortable is clear, soft, no glare, no stroboscopic, high color rendering. 3, safety refers to the light does not produce harmful light, such as ultraviolet light, infrared does not produce light pollution, good electrical properties conform to safety. 4, environmental protection, some people think that high efficient energy saving, can reduce the power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, and environmental protection, this is just one of, important product cannot have harmful substances, such as mercury. 5, high efficiency and energy saving is high luminous efficiency, energy saving, it is not hard to understand. Integrated based on the above points, we know that at the time of purchase leds, to see the product parameters and heat dissipation of components, drive and internal knowledge of the power of the LED products, so as to help you choose and buy a higher ratio of the underground garage by application of the LED lamp products. Leds can be more convenient to hold joint control system, the result is convenient to control the colour of the light and brightness, is also convenient people compare Ming a mediation credential itself be fond of, in order to itself the result of the most peaceful. Recently, someone consultation, want to install LED to absorb dome light in the underground garage as the main lamps and lanterns of the underground garage, why can't the underground garage using LED to absorb dome light? There are two things, the first cost is higher, absorbing dome light is higher than LED bulb price; The intensity of illumination is insufficient, can not meet the requirements; It is recommended that the design of the underground garage or tube had better choose LEDT8 tubes or radar of transformation.
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