The classroom the lamp that shield an eye how to provide high quality lighting light environment

by:Mylight     2020-12-12
At present, juvenile myopia rate is high on the world's first, pupils myopia rate is more than 45%. In the national natural science fund project 'based on the research on biological effects of light classroom health experiments show that the school the classroom directly affect students' vision health. From 2018 countries led to 'myopic problem' specific instructions to 2019 during the two sessions 'small glasses' two meetings 'great concern'. Students in summer vacation, is currently the classroom right light environment transformation, all over the country are in full swing. For the present, main problems of the classroom light environment: 1. The classroom is not a good reference to national standard lamps and lanterns, no standard installation and maintenance of quality is not ideal; 2. Classroom led lighting distribution is not reasonable, resulting in the same classroom desktop illumination uniformity ( South and north classroom illumination difference is larger) ; 3. The new school, classroom illumination is too high. But old school classroom lamp aging, intensity of illumination serious decline, but he can't get timely replacement; 4. South of the classroom during the day the sun was shining student desktop, seriously affecting the visual environment of the classroom and so on. To solve these problems, the Ministry of Education and other departments formulate the child and adolescent myopia prevention and control of the comprehensive implementation plan ', family, school, medical and health institutions, students, government departments of the prevention and control measures should be taken; Clear in 2030, strive to achieve the national overall, child and adolescent myopia rate in 2018 on the basis of an annual reduction in 0. More than 5%, a high incidence of myopia provinces will be reduced by more than 1% a year. 'Plan' has been clear about the schools require to improve the visual environment: to improve the teaching facilities and conditions, encourage purchasing standard adjustable desks and chairs and sitting position orthotics, for students learning environment to meet the requirements of health with the eye, in strict accordance with the ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools construction standards, the implementation of the classroom, dormitory, library ( The reading room) Such as led lighting and requirements, use good for eyesight health equipment, school classroom health standards for success rate 100%. Due to the students in the process of learning, is almost close to look at, in order to better adapt to the light of the classroom, visual organ of the person will adjust themselves, and make the eye muscles too nervous. Student's study, on the other hand, time is too long, their pressure is too big, in the light is not good for a long time of learning the classroom environment, will cause the diseases of the visual physiology, resulting in myopia. A high-quality classroom light environment can provide healthy eye quality, reduce the visual fatigue, prevent myopia! Recommend the school ( Including private, private, etc. ) The classroom light environment transformation 'choice' brand! As campus light health and driving force, is the first standard units of high quality light environment, the classroom to the education of color temperature, glare, blu-ray, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, avoid bad light cause harm to eyesight health, reduce the visual fatigue, prevent myopia! The production of led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom desks conforms to the national standard of the average illuminance value 300 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7. The blackboard the average illuminance value 500 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 8; The whole classroom illumination uniformity, color rendering index up to 95, high color reducibility; Using grating anti glare design, anti-dazzle value & lt; 16, not dazzling; Color temperature is 5000 k, soft and comfortable!
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