School classroom lighting reform must pay attention to the three questions

by:Mylight     2020-12-21
Energy-saving reform, many schools now doing replace traditional lamps and lanterns with more healthy, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, long service life, but how to choose the lamps and lanterns of a high quality? This problem involves many aspects, the following share three for you, pay attention to these three points, basically there will be no big problem! First for dealer school classroom reform with LED lamps and lanterns, the first thing to be a manufacturer of evaluation, including credibility, scale, positioning, sales methods, word of mouth and management. For LED lamp factory credibility is very important, especially for those cheap low-end school classroom with LED lights, they won't give you the lamps and lanterns of said they cheap, quality not good, but cheap lamps and lanterns is established on the basis of the material price is low, occurrence quality problem situation is large, when the LED is something wrong with the quality of the products, manufacturers promised after-sales credibility is very important, many low-end LED lights products cheap, customers with bad, is a one-shot deal simply ignored. Broken leds the reputation of the industry, many clients also because covet cheap LED lights, eat a big loss, if willing to spend a few dollars, buy an expensive little LED lights, might not have broken so soon. The second out of the question to see after, so choose a good after-sales service of LED led lighting manufacturer is very important. Distributor on the LED energy-saving reconstruct school classroom use of LED lights at the same time also to cooperate after, especially now LED lights technology not fully ripe. Many LED lights agents by purchasing cheaper low-end school classroom quality problems with LED lights, manufacturer also not give after-sale, lead to a lot of unpleasant things. Third choose a brand, to choose a good LED led lighting brand manufacturers, product is not only, also is very important, a good brand is not make out by celebrity endorsements and advertising, LED lights are key to the quality of the product, not necessarily the lowest price, but the quality is good, to the customer by the word of mouth, when the LED products to determine ok, signed a purchase contract is very important to protect the interests. Do these three points, if the manufacturer fails to meet any point, suggest not to select the learning, don't be penny wise, pound foolish, then regret, and other school can also choose to contract energy pattern, this factory will be more pay attention to the quality problem of the lamps and lanterns, otherwise the contract is not yet mature, lamps and lanterns is bad, he will not be able to recover the cost of his!
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