School classroom lighting energy-saving reform necessity and the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2020-12-20
Energy-saving reform in the current campus environment, the classroom is to be solved, according to related survey shows that there are a large part of the terms of the classroom is substandard, far below the standard stipulated by the state, which is very unfavorable to students' study and life. '' first embodied in the following aspects, the board and the desks of illuminance and the intensity of illumination evenness is generally lower than the standards stipulated by the state. Second, most of the classroom blackboard installed directly exposed fluorescent tube, students looking at the blackboard at the same time, influenced by the direct glare of tubes, difficulty concentrating, and reduce the learning efficiency, and easy to visual fatigue, long-term easily lead to myopia. Third, fluorescent lamps and lanterns is general configuration inductance ballasts, there are serious stroboscopic effect, students' visual system of frequent adjustment, will inevitably cause eyestrain. Fourth, most generally adopt high colour temperature (in the classroom 6500K) Fluorescent tube, the light color is too white, and blue components, easy to cause the students excited, fatigue, and even cause insomnia. The urgent task is to promote the construction and implementation of standard, whether the LED lamp or fluorescent lamp, only conform to the standard, can enter into the classroom, so as to create a truly healthy environment for children. '' good classroom design should meet the following requirements: 1, the horizontal and vertical illuminance requirements ensure visual target. Meet the desktop average illuminance value not less than 300 lx, the intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 7. 2, meet the color rendering index greater than 80, good glare control ( UGR< glare value; 19) To reduce light reflection, protect vision, improve the level of visual function and visibility. 3, to guide students to focus on teaching or demonstration area, at the same time, guarantee that the color temperature in k - 4500 Between 5500 k to create comfortable light environment. 4, meet the requirements of face to face communication between students, brightness distribution is reasonable, meet the average illuminance value 300 lx, intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 7. 5, control should be adapted to different presentation and teaching situation, and consider the effect of natural light. 6, the classroom should be safe, reliable, convenient maintenance and repair, and coordination with the environment. ', 'high quality lamps and lanterns (1) the classroom with high efficiency and energy saving lamps and lanterns that shield an eye all high quality LED light source, LED the classroom light compared to the traditional lamps and lanterns, whether in energy conservation and environmental protection, and service life are far higher than traditional lamps and lanterns, and no blue light, no stroboscopic. (2) no stroboscopic control IC constant-current power supply, use small grille anti-dazzle technology, the classroom grille lamp panel can well solve the problem of the glare of lamps and lanterns, make students learn more comfortable. (3) the lamp body USES the pervious to light material, omnidirectional light, create a healthy and comfortable even classroom light environment, the efficiency of the best use of the light source, on the luminance and luminous efficiency, not to look after. Only solve the problem of the classroom, can let the students entered the classroom, it is beneficial to the students' learning and daily life, and suggested that in choosing a school energy-saving retrofit scheme and the manufacturer must see manufacturers have a corresponding national qualification, lamps and lanterns is in line with the state requirements for the classroom.
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