Office lighting in different regions of different design

by:Mylight     2021-01-16
Office design using LED lamps and lanterns has many advantages compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, the office must meet the corresponding requirements, make staff work more efficient and comfortable. Different regions according to different needs, do different design, so specific how to design? 1, open a big office: this office is often used in customer service center and technology office of open office space, therefore, in the side, on all surfaces for full and as evenly as possible, make all workstations can get sufficient for efficient work. Have to benefit for the body of the employees and comfortable, health, safety and alarm and generates. Main LED panel light, LED grille lamp can be used with leds. 2, cubicle office, such as the manager's office, the grade of the manager's office often reflects the manager and individual character, high quality furniture, art and other decoration, for colleagues and business prospects paint a picture of success. And in the office for more general is conversation class task, as well as all kinds of decisions for the company development. On the led lighting requirements, desk above shall meet at least 300 lx illumination, receive a visitor area should be soft, intensity of illumination in the 200 lx is better. Can use 3 w or 5 w LED tube lamp or LED lamp. High power LED lights can be mounted to the ceiling. 3, office, corridor, office the corridor illumination to office and reasonable illumination transition, intensity of illumination control in around 200 lx. Lamps and lanterns can choose LED tube light, or using the method of LED lamp belt, avoid by all means use smooth reflector. 4, lounge and a reception room: room and reception room is equivalent to the 'business card' of the company, the first impression is very important, can help to achieve the desired effect, and the office atmosphere is given priority to with ease, light can use LED tube lamp or LED ceiling lamp. For larger office renovation or design cost is higher, can use the energy contract mode, can greatly reduce the cost of office renovation, can with the lowest cost, and can meet your requirements, the best of both worlds!
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