Mall clothing store lighting design

by:Mylight     2021-01-11
Clothing shops in a mall has a lot of, but someone glad someone sad, only the shopkeeper baby heart the most clear, the turnover of each month, how is joy bloom or cry red nose. But, why is also nice clothes, customer flow differ so big? First of all, all see not pleasing to the eye, from the light to find first! One thousand you will found that the light is not dazzling was a mess. Different positioning of the clothing store, the display mode, the focus or direction of the light performance is different also, so designers first step through to the store location and target customer group is analyzed, and then according to the different display area, design a suitable design, make reasonable visual marketing, help the owners to achieve sales. Clothing store design technique, the combination of light and shade is very common, generally used for window, models and exhibition display rack, to focus on clothing or mainly focus on the part of the show, highlights the importance and characteristics. Can give display suits provide key on the walls overhead, oblique side light is given priority to, and to make corner, stereo feeling, feel the clothing texture and colour. Compared with the surrounding environment, the cashier need higher brightness, complete documents, check cash in precision, in addition to as a task, in fact the register this province is also a kind of decoration, brand setting wall, not only provides the counter with good visual task light environment, colleagues also associated with the surrounding environment, the brand culture. Clothing sold in some sense not just clothes, there are more including shoppers experience shopping atmosphere, which is why a woman can go shopping for a marathon can't have too tired. Lights in addition to the outstanding brand features, but also can reflect the best visual effects of display, commodity quality, boost interactive experience and sales. The characteristics of the goods is different, the way should also change, to achieve targeted led lighting model. Commonly used method basically has the following two kinds: direct and half directly, direct light intensity big, high efficiency, easy to form clear shadow, therefore, contrast strongly, is a form of dynamic, the luster of the commodity effect is best; Half indirect and indirect, low efficiency, but the light is downy, contrast is lesser, can be used to create a light, relieve or hazy, gentle appeal, applicable to the elegant style of commodities or underwear. Different light sources with different color temperature, such as: incandescent lamp as the warm light, suitable for warm color department products; Fluorescent lamp for cold light, can make the white and the commodity that cool color moves is more personality. Therefore, the use of different lamps and lanterns, through the regulation of human, can build a different atmosphere, make it appear cool or warm.
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