LED street light energy contract modification or installation advantage is introduced

by:Mylight     2021-02-01
LED street lamp installation or modification involves many aspects, including fund is one of the major problems of many cities, the traditional high pressure sodium lamp 1000 w, or even higher, some can reach 1500 w, the consumption of electrical energy is, like one by one. 5 pieces of the air conditioning to hang beside the road! So the LED street light arises at the historic moment. Street lamp to illuminate the night life of people, shine the light of the night, the road to guide people to return home. With the rapid development cities, the growth of the number of city street lamp has been a jump, at the same time it also inevitably consume large amounts of electricity. Urban roads as functional city, is the foundation of the city night running, is indispensable, and rational allocation of urban system and effective operation, is to measure an important symbol of a city, districts of the city. Therefore, in view of the city road, and actively implement the contract energy management street light energy-saving renovation project construction, and promote effectively the contract energy management street lamp energy saving work is of great significance. City road, Street lamp) A nonprofit public infrastructure construction, construction completed, need to make sure that street lamp's light rate of 98% every day. In addition to a large number of power consumption, electricity cost, installation, debugging and maintenance, equipment maintenance and management the cost cycle parts before and after the replacement of purchasing cost, etc. , is a lot of local government spending. The government paid maintenance lights, and the government to undertake all kinds of cost, the traditional management mode, greatly increased across the local government's financial burden, therefore, to effectively reduce the municipal street lamp in the consumption of energy and money, etc, is effective for municipal street lamp shall be subject to the contract energy management, the situation required, fair and reasonable. City street lamp electricity-saving rebuilding projects shall be subject to the contract energy management, is actually made energy conservation service company for the project with the national standard products, to contract energy management mode, energy-saving renovation for the city. The government didn't spend a penny can complete street lamp energy saving transformation, also can sit enjoy the economic benefits of energy conservation, kill two birds with one stone, he le. Street lamp contract energy management, investigate its fundamental its belong to the energy-saving contract energy management mode application in energy-saving innovation road, is a kind of to reduce energy costs to pay for the energy-saving reform of energy saving project total cost approach to investing. This way of energy saving renovation investment effectively reduces the current operating costs, but also improve the energy efficiency. Street lamp contract energy management model is a useful attempt to street light energy-saving renovation construction, the model effectively zero government into complete street lamp energy saving renovation of equipment update and save the maintenance cost, effectively reduce the fiscal burden; Technology risk and economic risk all enterprises, enabled the government to implement a risk-free investment; And street lamp contract energy management and energy saving renovation project construction after the expiration of the contract, the enterprise to obtain economic benefits, the government gratis energy-saving equipment and exclusive all subsequent energy-saving benefit. At present, the contract energy management in China, although the promotion and implementation of scale expands unceasingly, the lights but the contract energy management of industrial environment is not ideal enough. Fiscal and tax supporting imperfect, inadequate protection of the integrity, efficiency standards are unknown, metering system and so on questions, make the enterprise and government entities on both sides worry, fear and worry. Therefore, street lamp current contract energy management mode on the road a long way, need to continuously expand, cautious on line. Is a professional LED street lamp contract energy companies, a lot of street lamp energy contract case, is a credible, contract are the strength of LED street lamp factory, welcome to inquire, 0769 - 88981038). More details about the LED street lamp contract energy solution.
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