LED induction lamp use the advantage of human body

by:Mylight     2021-02-16
With the development of technology, wisdom began more and more into our daily life, in daily life, people often need to manually turn on the light, especially in the middle of the night, wake up in the middle of the night, to find the switch in dark environment, there is a knock against, the safe hidden trouble that fall. And LED the emergence of the human body induction lamp, realized the convenience of automatic switch lamps and lanterns. Human body induction lamp use infrared, pyroelectric principle, can sense the human activity information of LED products. When people enter the module within the scope of induction, induction module can output a response signal, can direct drive LED lamp lights, LED lights. LED the human body induction lamps and lanterns is good energy-saving performance. When someone close to the lamps and lanterns, automatically lights up; When nobody is around, will automatically put out, this kind of automatic, make full use of the power resources. At the same time, the LED energy-saving products, is also very induction lamp products, for example, the lamp power: 0. 5 w, design life of 30000 h ( 70% lumens maintaining) , with low energy consumption, long life, bright lights, etc. In terms of health, LED lights, healthy environmental protection of materials, does not contain harmful metals lead, mercury. The light soft and comfortable. Help to human body health of body and mind. In the interior, which are widely used in the bathroom, bathroom, the elevator hall. In LED the choose and buy of the human body induction lamp, try to choose the product of manufacturer of high quality, famous brand of choose and buy, in general the quality is guaranteed, the other in, in the process of installation need to pay attention to the environment, avoid in wet on wet ceiling or wall. When cleaning the late induction lamp, want to cut off power supply. Clean lamps and lanterns should select non-corrosive cleaner. LED radar induction lamp can be done to the light people go lamp, when no one passes through, lamps and lanterns can dim or not bright, not only greatly save electricity, and improve the work efficiency of lamps and lanterns!
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