In LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when should pay attention to some problems

by:Mylight     2021-01-10
LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy is in itself a science, of which every way way is more numerous, so if you want the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy a high quality, is not easy, want to have enough experience, here to share a seasoned veteran view of LED mining lamp of choose and buy! At the time of purchase LED mining lamp, if you go to the first LED mining lamp price, or put the price first if you would be wrong, because the price is the most sensitive around the most personal thoughts. Now manufacturers are both good and evil people mixed up in all walks of life, including intermediary traders to come, so lead to market confusion, price, quality is good and bad are intermingled. With the general customers; Have a low price to buy, the price is high malicious not heart to buy, the seller with tight can't easily buy, more than more than manufacturer don't know what to buy. With this situation is the main reason is that we don't know what should pay attention to when buying LED mining lamp. The quality of the first: look at the LED mining lamp configuration. First LED mining lamp chips with what the brand of the imported premium brands high light efficiency, long life, light failure is small, stable. Second look at the power and the power of the poor quality of basic is lack of power, that is you take the lamps and lanterns of 100 w, is actually a 40 - 50 w, this will affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. And then see the material of lamp shell, how much the price also depends on the use of aluminum and purity of lamps and lanterns, chooses import pure aluminum, heat sink, use aluminum more naturally, only in the material reality, to ensure that the cooling effect of lamps and lanterns. Moreover the electrical box of lamps and lanterns should choose pure aluminium, have a plenty of cast iron cooling is not good. The second: the company is professional. Through the conversation observe whether the supplier is professional, such ability make sure with every parts of the real, don't cut corners. Small companies low configuration price LED mining lamp to sell to you, for a few months of lamps and lanterns is broken, when you go looking for them but some companies have closed or in a company name to continue to deceive consumers. Third: the price is reasonable. Ask supplier price system, rather than specific product price, so that you can clear to know the price of space, thus it can be seen that how many do you need the product price of space. And then put forward product, inform product demand, price is supplier, talk about so much, reasonable supplier can only offer. Fourth: orders in a timely manner. Settled after don't hesitate to fast, as this supplier will quickly respond to you; If you are slow to order purchase, suppliers will also slow to give you stock up, LED mining lamp production is available according to single production. Suppliers will certainly have a lot of customers, suppliers deal with invoice is to press things rhythm in order to arrange, so you are quick to supplier will be quick! At the same time, you already choose the right products and suppliers, you hesitate, supplier potential opponents will be one thousand ways to destroy your order and the purchase agreement, various methods to tempt you don't have orders in a timely manner, finally will only lead to you lose your best buying opportunity, you may be the whole process will take time to find new suppliers, and usually can't find the same good, let you satisfied with the LED mining lamp supplier, to find suppliers for the time you have been in a passive position.
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