How to choose the induction lamp

by:Mylight     2020-12-29
Human body induction lamp, we first need to think about what is the function of induction lamp, solve the problem of why want to use, then consider how the quality of the induction lamp, how long can solve the problem, think again purchase cost, solve the problem of high quality and low price. one Features: 1. Save electricity a ladder two households corridor lights, worth in less than two electricity bills. 00 yuan. 2. Security using infrared sensing technology, no voice, no touch, the guarantor to the light without dark space, effectively improve the quality of modern residential area in and security, 3. Beautiful design and elegant and pleasing to the eye, the installation is very convenient, promote village grade. two Quality: 1. The reliability of induction, due to the use of silicon controlled rectifier circuit, high reliability, and the number of induction work is almost infinite, in similar products is the best electronic circuit, electronic circuit board with the other sources are relay, use have specific provision, and directly affected by the relay quality, more easily out of the line fault. 2. Light source of the service life is long, because of using incandescent lamp, there is no mutual interference of electronic circuit, incandescent lamp obviously prolong service life, can reach more than 2 years, and other light sources, such as electronic energy-saving lamps, annular tubes, entangled factors are due to the repeated use of, very easy black, lead to scrap the tubes, the service life of the general only about six months, 3. Using high quality all plastic lamp panel, not changeful form/color/damaged, transportation is extremely convenient. 3. Cost: 1. The whole lamp has obvious price advantage in the same kind of lamps and lanterns, dealers and users can accept, the market space is large. 2. Light replacement costs are lower, the brand of 25 w incandescent lamp 1 market price. 00 yuan, 2 years in one, with an average annual 0. 50 yuan, and energy-saving lamps or ring type tubes, market price 5 with a less known and inferior brand. 00 yuan, 1 year to be in more than 2 times, by an average of 10. 00 yuan 3. Maintenance is very simple, because of reasonable structure design of lamps and lanterns, such as lamps and lanterns of circuit board is damaged, no special tools, electrical knowledge can be replaced by (slightly The local dealer accessories) 。 I think the priority could choose induction lamp infrared incandescent lightbulbs induction lamp for good! At the beginning of the above is my shallow thinking, for you. Welcome to contact, to discuss the development!
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