How to choose and cost-effective LED radar garage lamp

by:Mylight     2020-12-25
LED induction lamp as a place in the underground garage is using a new type of environmental protection lamps and lanterns, as the growth of the demand for LED light source, LED lamp will replace energy-saving lamps and traditional light source in the future. Affect consumer choose and buy a big part of the reason is the guide price. Good quality low price is the so-called high performance-to-price ratio, is a lot of consumers' purchasing psychology, underground garage in buying mainly depends on your use function, such as the underground garage of the LED driver power supply has a built-in and external power supply, built-in, size, performance, to the device is higher than the outer cooling needs, price nature also high. Choose high power factor depends on whether it is through the CE certification, professional certification is more cost effective price. Light failure problem in the underground garage with leds is particularly obvious, mainly in brightness dark black on both ends of the lamp body, generally we understand is burned out, actually otherwise, the influence of LED light source the light failure problem: the real reason for 1, the quality of the different light failure lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns can say the strength of the light has a close relationship with failure, as long as the lamps and lanterns is droop, is just a different degree of difference. Mainly embodied in material difference, usually more easily than plastic aluminum radiator, good heat dissipation problems is a good way to ease or weaken the droop. 2, the use of the environment is one of the main factors affecting droop droop problem is not only material, using the environment temperature is also a big factor in late, under the condition of normal temperature of the underground garage working temperature is relatively ideal, if more than more than a certain temperature light pipe heat at the same time, the temperature of the bulb is not controllable. High temperature scattered not to go out will be LED lamp, color declines in advance. With the development of science and technology and the progress of the society, what product would pay attention to cost performance, cost-effective for consumers, the higher the more get the favour of consumer, consumers in the garage LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when should pay attention to how to buy the lamps and lanterns of cost-effective? The first is the qualification certification of lamps and lanterns is complete products, such products are generally won't have what problem, after all is through the professional certification; Pay attention to the factory after 2, how long is the warranty problem. Do these two points, there would be no big problem!
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