Household lighting lamps and lanterns design should pay attention to the erroneous zone

by:Mylight     2020-12-17
Household can not only bring us bright indoor environment, also can adorn different indoor area, through different collocation to build diversified household style. However, such an important but is not a simple light or good-looking. But there are some misunderstandings in household, if only according to the result to arrange lamps and lanterns, will not only waste of electricity and lamps and lanterns, may even have the impact on our lives, these misunderstandings should be avoided when set the lamps and lanterns. Myth: household environment brightness too high or too low indoor brightness directly decide the indoor environment. We all know too dark environment conducive to identify objects and the environment, we but too bright may also have the impact on our lives. For household, the brightness of the different functional areas need is not the same. The sitting room to receive guests, provide overall bright environment; The study will provide bright environment for reading; Restaurants are provided on the dining environment, the environment needs to be high brightness. The main function is to provide the rest of the bedroom, its brightness should not be too high, so we can create a more suitable for the environment to rest. Kitchen and toilet of request is not high, also can use a soft brightness lamps and lanterns to provide. Overall, the indoor light intensity should be uniform, soft in the sitting room, study and dining room with high brightness, and in the bedroom, kitchen and toilet provide low brightness, different brightness and don't have much difference, so that we can create a suitable for us and do not waste energy. Erroneous zone 2: excessive use of warm color light indoor household environment with the color of the light is different, also can bring different environment. General slant yellow light warm color is light, can bring us warm and comfortable environment, slant blue light of cool color light, can help us to focus on and improve concentration. There are many users think, household environment is mainly for rest and recreation space, need to use light warm color to create a warm environment, in fact, it is not appropriate to do so. Warm color light can indeed provide us a relatively warm environment, but the color temperature is low, is not conducive to learning and reading, so you can't use light warm color too much. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we should pay attention to the packing on the color of the light are cool or warm color, so that we can rational use in the home environment, the user can also according to the color temperature values to identify the product of lamps and lanterns, color temperature below 3300 k for warm color light, k - 3300 5300 k to neutral white, more than 5300 k for cool color light. If there is no color temperature or light source on the packaging of light color of the logo, do not buy as far as possible. Myth 3: light and shade and color contrast is too strong and said to the indoor environment of the contrast is too strong, a lot of people know that the environment in different room shoulds not be too big contrast, but even in the same room, also has a high contrast error exists, easy to cause we ignore. Sitting room in the modern household design of TV wall, some families at the side of the TV wall installation to shoot the light, when watching TV at night only to open the lamp to the pursuit of visual effect, but this will bring TV wall and ambient contrast, for a long time will influence visual perception. Overall, both big indoor environment, and in the same space, should not appear contrast obvious environment. From a long-term perspective, the uniform is comfortable environment is an important part of. Myth 4: the pursuit of the effect of light color too many different colors of light can reflect master individual character and aesthetic, also can make different household environment. Often backfire, however, too much colour, no distinct personality, not only can make us feel discomfort in such an environment. Some families when choosing lamps and lanterns, like colorful feeling, or the pursuit of high-end atmosphere, the effect of various colors have been installed in indoor lamps and lanterns, where it is needed will indoor light environment of colours. Although it may be costly, but in the actual use of light color affect our vision, also can affect our normal life, easy to produce light pollution. In general, and the arrangement of the furniture has a variety of error, we need to arrange to avoid in the heart. As long as follow the scientific and reasonable setting, can let the lamps and lanterns illuminate our healthy and comfortable life, household environment for us.
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