Daylight lamp replacement?

by:Mylight     2020-12-10
Lamp in our home life is a very important role, night lights let us become more bright, so light is an indispensable part of daily life. But the daylight lamp sometimes for no reason to fail, this time will repair, many owners want to change. But for this aspect also is not very good. So, how do daylight lamp replacement? If home sun need to replace the tubes, it is that it has been the end of his life or artificially damaged. This needs our manual will be broken tubes removed the change into the new. When removing we only need to remove the lamp shade under the rotating screw, then clamp removed at both ends of tube connection is ok, but remove the work must pay attention to the first power again. 1, found the problem, under the condition of the family line is a bit, the other one is not bright, light can on if the daylight lamp has a ring of black, both ends can explain this tube has been burnt, the replacement. 2, the method, take the ladder, or chair, hand with insulated gloves ( No can, though keep hands dry line, but to be on the safe side, the good will be home, always power off) Can the tubes for good enough, then turn the bulb in the central holding a light, 90 degrees ( May be greater than the less than, the case may be, the total is less than half a circle) 3, a little hard to pull out of tube, can turn while drawing, one can head down, another head can also follow down. 4, if the daylight lamp, it moved ( Good insulating gloves, or cut off power supply) With insulating tubes directly to unscrew the bulb, pay attention to ( Spiral lamp, direct spinning; Hanging lamp mouth, first went to press, then immediately pull out) 5, pay attention to the touch, remove appliances, no experience, for the sake of your safety, please wear insulating gloves, or cut off the circuit of power supply.

daylight lamp replacement considerations are included? 1, LED lamp and accessories cannot bear too great pressure, pay attention to keep. 2, when installation to the electrical certificates or who is familiar with the circuit to suit, to avoid electrical shock. 3, LED lamp, such as deformation or damage please contact manufacturer contact purchase and replacement. 4, in the transformation of leds need to total brake power disconnected, ensure the personal safety. 5, please install the leds in indoor, pay attention to prevent rain in outdoor. 6, LED lamp is not suitable for upsurge in high humidity environment, otherwise the life is vulnerable. You see the later should be aware, daylight lamp replacement method is very simple, as long as you replace according to the above method, general won't appear any problem. But at the time of replacement or need to pay attention to safety, hope that the introduction of small make up can provide useful help for you.
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