Contract energy management section of energy metering method

by:Mylight     2021-02-19
Section of energy metering method can in EMC company and enterprise energy saving contract talk things over solve, also can entrust a third party authority testing and validation. Here we put forward four methods: 1, the simulation analysis method: set up two sets of computer simulation system, before and after the modification with analysis software to calculate energy consumption before and after, and connecting with the actual measurement data correction calculation results. This method can separate measurement and energy saving benefits, also can be used to supplement the above three methods of solution. 2, product consumption comparison: the turnover of the enterprise, production, and so on all have direct relationship with the consumption of energy, the turnover of the store, hotel more tourists, the output of factories, office rents higher, more energy consumption of large naturally, according to different types of enterprises, statistics of the different types of product consumption, comparison before and after the transformation of the unit consumption data, can be concluded that the size of the energy saving rate, combining with the actual consumption of energy cost, can calculate the energy saving efficiency. This method is suitable for the load changes, the production of a single varieties can use occasion. 3, equipment performance comparison: comparison before and after the energy-saving reform would put the performance of the new and old equipment, combined with the equipment running time, can be simply evaluate the energy saving effect. This method is suitable for the load output is constant, type a single occasion, such as the replacement of lamps and lanterns, equipment for load change is big also has reference value. 4, energy consumption before and after comparison method: before and after the energy-saving reform, compares energy consumption of the same period of time, can evaluate the energy saving effect. This method is suitable for the load type, the output is constant more complex situations. Such as star hotels, chain stores, compares a standard enterprise management, annual energy consumption compared with past years, a little change.
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